Borgo di Vagli

Fractional ownership in Tuscany

Fractional ownership in Tuscany

Fractional ownership is in essence an alternative to buying a vacation home, the aim being to gain regular access to a luxurious private vacation residence in a highly sought-after location such as Tuscany. In contrast to destination clubs, fractional ownership clubs normally mean equity - you buy a share of a residence, but of course you have use of it for only part of the year, which is expressed as a fraction.

Fractionals are not just another name for timeshares. For one thing, they are typically offered by highly reliable companies that have been around for many years. In a time-share, you buy a fixed set of weeks in the year and the best weeks - summer holidays, for example - are often snapped up early. Although there is always the possibility to trade weeks, this is not always easy, especially since there can be up to 52 owners for a given apartment. In contrast, most fractionals are limited to a much smaller number of owners per property, as few as 10, and they usually offer a rotating annual priority so that if two owners want the same time period, both have a fair chance of reserving a desirable block of time. In addition, you frequently buy into a residential complex, such as the Tuscan village of Borgo di Vagli, specifying only an apartment category (based on the number of bedrooms, for example) rather than a specific apartment, so that the chances are very high that you will obtain the time block you request for any given year.

Fractional ownership and timeshare properties themselves are usually very different. Instead of a prefab slapped together for the next Easter rush, fractional ownership plans feature vacation homes that, on the open market, would often cost millions of dollars. Borgo di Vagli is a classic example of this. The entire village was restored by Fulvio Di Rosa, an experienced and highly respected restoration engineer, and no expense was spared in the quality of the structural work and the interior decoration. Not surprisingly, Frances Mayes, author of Under the Tuscan Sun and resident of nearby Cortona, holds both Fulvio Di Rosa and Borgo di Vagli in very high regard - read more.

Tuscany has always been a location of choice for those interested in historic residences, art cities and an ancient way of life - not to mention perpetual warm weather, good food and excellent wine. Borgo di Vagli was restored for those who would enjoy owning a Tuscan country home, but cannot justify the cost and time-consuming maintenance and upkeep responsibilities involved with owning a home abroad.

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